Amazing Beautiful Trip

It did take some time to arrange and agree on the itinerary that we wanted however over all the company was very accommodating to our needs and interests.

If you do your own research you can pick and choose your own daily itinerary and the company will arrange this for you based on travelling times and reaching each destination or tourist attraction.

We are UK Citizens travelling to Iran for the first time and we’re unsure what to expect. We travelled Iran between 21/04/19-03/05/19. Our tour guide was Seyed AliMohammad Hosseini who was very informative and accommodating to our needs every step of the way.

Our experience in Iran was amazing!!! We were lucky to have a knowledgeable tour guide who knew history at the back of his hand.

The trip was well organised and there was no delays and no complications. After listening to media about Iran we were on the back foot and conscious but it’s the safest place we travelled to. People are very friendly, and some of the places we visited were astonishing.

Please note you should avoid travelling during the Iranian New Year Nowruz and also Ramadhan as most places would be closed and especially food places such as takeaways and restaurants so you would be restricted in eating.

Every tourist attraction we visited was an experience in itself. A must place to visit is “Ebrat Musem” (Tehran) as it gives a good feel what some of the people in Iran went through.

Also Isfahan - Naqsh-e jahan Square is perfect for anyone that’s into photography- there’s also a scholar who is English speaking - you are able to ask him any questions about Iran or the religion people follow. Any misconceptions about the religion or the people in Iran - it’s a chance to ask anything you want.

We would recommend this country to all who have the opportunity to visit Iran. It is definitely a must see country as the people the culture, religion and food is all amazing.

We visited the following places:

US Embassy Museum
Ebrat Museum
Golestan Palace
Azaadi Tower
Grand Bazaar
Radkan Tower
Imam Reza Shrine / Mosque
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
Pigeon Tower
Yakhchals (Meybod) ice house
Kharanaq Village
Shah – e – Cheragh
Nasir – Al – Molk Mosque
Tomb of Hafez
Eram Garden
Ruins of Persepolis
Ruins of Necropolis
Tomb of Cyrus
Ali Sadr Cave

Each of these sites was amazing and had a story of its own to tell.

Seyed AliMohammad Hosseini was our tour guide all the way through our holiday and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better.

He arranged and accommodated everything we asked for every step of the way.

Tehran - Ebrat Museum / Azaadi Tower / Golestan Palace / US Embassy
Mashhad - Imam Reza Shrine / Mosque / Pilgrimage / Radkan Tower
Isfahan - Royal Mosque / Pigeon Tower / Oriental Hotel rooftop restaurant Indian buffet
Shiraz - Tower of Silence / Tomb of Cyrus / Nasir al Molk Mosque (Pink Mosque) / Shah e Cheragh / Persepolis / Necropolis

Breakfast at the hotels was very basic and the same everyday not much variety.

All the hotels booked for us were very nice clean and comfortable.
The only hotel I was a little unhappy with was the hotel which we checked into in Mashhad ( as they didn’t provide towels) and we had to buy our own. :(

All our meals were catered for as we requested or expected. However we missed the flavour of spices as we are used to eating spicy hot food and Iranian food is prettt bland in comparison.

We had no problems catching domestic flights and hiring a private driver each time via the tour agency.

We chose Uppersia because They provided us with the price and quote for our itinerary.

Iran is a beautiful and amazing country. A must to visit if any one has the chance

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